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A prayer for Sarah Connor.

Yes, I was eagerly awaiting That TV Show. First, for the continuation of one of my favorite stories, because I fell asleep during T3 (bad sign) (luckily for me, this turn of events eliminates T3 canon). And second, to see if it was as bad as I feared.

I'm curious as to why Sarah nightmares of herself in a miniskirt. Maybe she's afraid of wearing something she can't fight it? Even in the dream where she got burned to a crisp she wore fatigues. I know her dream of Kyle turned sour, but I figure dreaming of her lover would be call for dreaming of herself in lingerie.

For TV, Sarah was in Pescadero for 3 years, which I don't like, not only because it jossed my fic, but if she was out of John's life from 7 to 10, that has much more severe consequences for John. I had guessed a year at most. It was probably a blink and you miss it text somewhere.

Tarissa Dyson should be an ally, not an obstacle.

Quit leaving the future savior of mankind to his own devices, can't you see he's a moron? I always wondered about that, what she was up to in Central America and what happened to John? Women have fought with babies strapped to their backs but I don't think she would. I have to assume that she didn't do much in the way of fighting but trained, worked within the organizations in a support role or something. I can't see her letting him out of her sight willingly and I certainly can't see her putting him in danger any more than she could help.

Good Sarah characterization: tossing Suminator out a window. Reminded me of how she just casually yells "John, fire in the hole!" at Cyberdyne. How it's become natural to her. And the piece about reading John the Wizard of Oz in Spanish, further exploring the complications between trying to be a "good" mother and raising her son to save the world.

Bad Sarah characterization: tearily confessing her fears to Suminator. WTF.

Good John characterization: immaturity, rebelling against his mother's plan, mechanical tinkering.

Bad John characterization: less whiny than Furlong. Even whinier than Stahl, who I could understand being whiny, if you'd spent your life preparing for something and it looked like it wasn't going to come. Dekker had no charisma and is a bad liar. And he doesn't seem like someone who, even for a short time, thought that jumping out of helicopters and blowing stuff up was normal.

Headey is too skinny. I thought she looked more buff in 300, but that could have been the pixels. She did talk of working out, but if she did, she lost too much weight and did not gain enough muscle mass. I wonder what she did as far as nutrition; you do need to eat. She can look like Hamilton sometimes, but it's been pointed out that Sonya Walger, who plays a minor character, looks a lot more like Hamilton, so it's weird having them both around. And recent interviews with Headey have made her seem like she has a bad attitude about the whole thing.

I liked Suminator. She is very robotic at times, and manages to make gracefulness look mechanic. Sometimes she is not, but I'm not sure it's entirely her fault. I expected her catchphrase to be a bigger moment.

I liked that the Badinator fixed himself up with duct tape. I did not like his catchphrase.

I keep thinking of places to send her, ways to cross over. I'm trying to remember Dark Angel canon; if she could have helped organize the pulse, I'm sure she would have. I worry thought, since I've set a precedent with crossing Sarah elsewhere. I know that not every verse has to be compatible; say, if you crossed TNG with House and House with M*A*S*H, you wouldn't necessarily have to say that TNG could cross with M*A*S*H (though it's probably easier than crossing House with M*A*S*H because they have a holodeck and hey, who knows what Q is up to anyway?) But I just went and rationalized it for myself, so that's both a bad example of what to do and yet a good example of how I feel about crossing. So I worry about it, because if I decided that two verses coincide, I feel crossing one of the verses somewhere else implies that all three verses are in the same universe. So I worry, because if I cross Terminator with Dark Angel, what was BPRD up to? I think there might have been frogs. If I can work it out, I may well be on my way to my very own Sarah Connor (Crossover) Chronicles.
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