sphynx the recalcitrant mynx (sphynxlike) wrote,
sphynx the recalcitrant mynx

MU @ Cincy

75-60 MU. A couple of my friends drove out to see it, so obviously they are MU's road game lucky charm :) Pleasantly surprising performance from Ous and Scotty.
The swelling on my knee is actually traumatic bursitis. I was supposed to treat it with compression bandaging and lethal doses of ibuprofin, but that hurt, so on Monday when I get it checked again I'll get it drained.
Because I spent the day with my leg extended, wrapped, and propped on a bookcase, I didn't really do anything I intended to do. But I did watch The 10th Kingdom. Shades of middle school. I still have the VHS in my basement. Now that I have a way to switch over, I should try to save them.
Tags: basketball, i'm so cool
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