sphynx the recalcitrant mynx (sphynxlike) wrote,
sphynx the recalcitrant mynx

MU vs ND, Packers vs Seahawks

MU 92 ND 66
I can't believe we pulled it off. Nice moves by Hayward, apparently he got a double double, which Wiki says is double digits in two categories. Davis, Digger, and Bilas (because I know who they are) had Notre Dame ftw and apparently they've been eating crow all day. I'm watching Sportcenter to see if they say anything. Yep. The Kool Aid, I has drunk it.
But the Kool Aid is mostly getting me stuff about the Patriots. I had a whole witty thing written about playoffs and as they keep talking the more I get confused about playoffs so I am just going to look forward to hot wings and say go pack, because I don't know enough about football to care enough about somebody else so it might as well be Wisconsin. And they beat Seattle in the snow 42- 20, how cool was that?
Tags: basketball, football
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